Shri.Kallur Ramankutty Marar

thayambaka chakravarthi


Shri Marar was born in the year 1128 (ME) in the month of Vrishchika on the Thiruvonam day as the son of Shri Kunjumarar and Madhavikutty Marasyar as their only son. His initial years were spent in temple related activities, and the call to instrumental music came when he was 6 years old.

His early lessons in instrumental music were from his father and then from Mankurussi Neelakantan Marar (Appa Marar). His debut performance was at the age of eight at the Kallur Sri Krishna temple. At this time he was not even as tall as the instrument, and he won recognition as a young percussionist. During this period, Ramankutty Marar gained proficiency in both thimila and panchavadyam.

Even though Ramankutty Marar is adept at playing both thimila and edakka, chenda is his favourite percussion instrument. He is also proficient in singing ashtapadi, to the accompaniment of edakka.

Ramankutty Marar’s performance style is such that both the connoisseur and and commoner can enjoy the performance. He has performed in innumerable temples all over Kerala, including Guruvayur, Sabarimala, Thriprayar, Kottyam, Thirunakkara, Pulinelli, Irattakulangara, Angadippuram etc. During this period various awards and recognitions came his way.