Shri.Kallur Ramankutty Marar

thayambaka chakravarthi


Shri. Kallur Raman Kutty Marar is a blessed virtuoso player of the percussion instrument chenda. The strict adherence to traditional purity has not prevented him from exploring various facets of chenda playing in his own inimitable personal style. This thayambaka chakravarthi is considered to be the main proponent of naduchenda which is popular in the central part of Kerala.


Mrs. Prabhavathy Marasyar is his wife and he has three sons. The eldest son, Unnikrishnan is also a percussionist and invariably accompanies his father. The 2nd son, Babu is employed in the Kerala police and the 3rd son, Prasad is a computer instructor.


When Shri. Kallur Raman Kutty Marar was a student in the Keralasseri school, he won the 1st prize at the state level. He was bestowed with the title of “Vadya Praveen” in 1984 by the temple committee at Mankurissi. He was awarded the TMBS award by the Thrikkur Mahadeva Temple.


The sheer purity of practice formats like “nilavabhyasam”, and the drum-roll arising from “nerukol prayogam” make him distinct from other percussionists. Shri. Kallur Ramankutty Marar is the true flag-bearer of the Palakkadan style of thayambaka playing.




Shri Marar was born in the year 1128 (ME) in the month of Vrishchika on the Thiruvonam day as the son of Shri Kunjumarar and Madhavikutty Marasyar as their only son. His initial years were spent in temple related activities, and the call to instrumental music came when he was 6 years old.